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SAFEST is a bilateral research project between France and Germany. It involves a national forum for public security and safety, universities, national institutes for applied research, and industry partners (including one operator of security-critical infrastructures). SAFEST is coordinated by the Computer Systems & Telematics group at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany,  and funded by the ANR and BMBF.

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SAGEM will adapt its sensing platform to monitor human movement; INRIA will provide a reliable communication mechanism that is capable of covering large areas; and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences will establish the end-to-end security between devices. Based upon this platform, Freie Universität Berlin will detect security-relevant situations; Fraunhofer FOKUS will aggregate the information and alert affected individuals; and daviko GmbH will contribute video support for the system. The Research Forum on Public Safety and Security will investigate privacy and acceptance issues related to this approach and provide guidance with regard to legal and social implications. To ensure the real-world applicability of the project results, a demonstrator of the system will be evaluated at Berlin Brandenburg airport, which is currently being constructed by Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH.



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